Monday, April 7, 2008

In My Arms Again - If Only For A Moment

Our little miracle baby has come leaps and bounds today! When we visited at 5:00, they had removed the ventilator as well as the feeding tube and we were there when they removed two drainage tubes from her chest! Then, the nurse asked if I wanted to hold her. Can you hear my response? YES!!! Daddy was a bit nervous that it was too early, so we asked the nurse if she was sure and she said yes, it would be good for me to hold her. No, I didn't share the opportunity with Dad. I should have, but I just was greedy and stole the moment for myself.

I was finally close enough to Allie to give her the kisses you all have asked me to give her. However, if I gave her one kiss for each request, I'd still be in there, so we gave one for all of you and several from me.

Things should move fast now as she is doing so well and they are so impressed with her recovery. We may try to give her some food as early as tonight. I know she is hungry! She last ate at 4am on Wednesday!

Day 7 at the hospital has proved to be a wonderful day and we are so excited to see Allie returning to herself. Thanks to all of you for the prayers. As you can see... they are being answered.

HOORAY!!!!! Love and kisses and hugs from Allie!!


Katie said...

God is GOOD!! What an answer to prayer.

Many hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy and Tim! I'm so happy for you and Allie! She is a tough little girl and I knew she'd do well. You guys look so happy and relieved to be holding your little angel. She looks very content, too! I wish I could be there to take care of my little Allison...just like old times! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Love, Linda Wirth

Savanna said...

YIPEE!!! This is a perfect example that God does answer prayer. I am so happy for Allie and Mommy and DAddy. Can't wait to hold her myself. Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

'Aunt' Sandy called me to give me the news... I could not WAIT to get home to see the picture... she is beautiful and I know she has to be the luckiest baby in the world with such wonderful parents, a skilled surgeon, a warm cardiologist and a GREAT GOD who is keeping watch over her. Thanks be to God for her continued recovery....

Jenny G said...

I am so glad Allie is doing so well (I knew she would!) and so thankful you got to hold her, that does a mommy's heart SOOO good!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Allie! She looks great, you guys (or is that y'all)! Looking so healthy, better and better every day! Keep it up Little Allie! We are saying our prayers!


Anonymous said...

Allie, what a wonderful moment you have given us with this up-to-date news, and your wonderful healthy looking picture with Mom and Dad looking so relieved and happy!



Love, Grandpa ... & Granma too!