Monday, April 7, 2008

Introducting.... Mighty Bit!

Our little girl - who was once lovingly referred to as "Lil Bit" has now grown into "Mighty Bit". (Thanks, Melissa O'Brien... great name for our wonderchild!). Yes, we may have to find a red cape for our little supergirl. (Thanks Sandy Fisher for this idea). Yes! She is doing fantastic.

Today we have seen her sweet little eyes peering out at us. What a fantastic way to start the day!!! She is still waking up more today and starting to wiggle even more. We even warned them that she is a "scooter" and a "flipper" and they may want to keep a close eye on our little hero. Wow! What a fantastic day! She is no longer on any of her nitroglycerian medicine and no more morphine! Being such a little baby, she is much more resilient than us adults would be. I know for a fact I'd be complaining quite a bit right now if I were in her booties. But, she seems to not be too mad at us right now and just glances at us as she attempts to focus. We know she is still a bit sleepy.

oh my... It took me all day to write this and then it was time to visit Allie and we got a huge surprise... so...stay tuned... I'm working on the next post right NOW!

love and hugs!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Allie, you have really showed them who's care you have been under. The good Lord must have Loved you very much before He sent you to your Mommy and Daddy. You keep showing them "Mighty Bit"

Love, Granma