Sunday, April 6, 2008

I hear you, Mommy and Daddy

Great News! Allie moved around this morning when we spoke to her and while we rubbed her sweet head!!

Last night, they finally had a chance to finish the job and stitched her up. This meant they could stop the paralytic medicine and let her start waking up a bit. This morning she was doing just that after we got there and gave her some loving. We are so excited for the upcoming progress. Throughout today they will start reducing some of the medicines (although she really isn't on as many as it appears) and we should be on our way to getting much closer to a full recovery.

We visit again in less than an hour and are anxious to see just what is happening.

Thanks for the many prayers and well wishes. It is overwhelming to know so many people love this little girl - and perhaps even us. Thank you so much.

Yippee!!!She moved!!!!!!


nmpacifico said...

This is Nicole Pacifico, one of Allie's nurses in CICU. I haven't been back to work since the day of Allie's surgery so I looked up the blog to check on her. I'm so glad she's doing well! I've been thinking about her over the weekend. I look forward to meeting her once the sedation is off and the breathing tube is out. That video of her at home is adorable!

I have to attend two days of classes at UAB for the new computer system they are starting soon so I won't be back to work in CICU until Thursday. I'll probably walk over to the unit after the class is over tomorrow though. I'll continue to pray for Allie (as well as for the 2 of you)! Maybe I'll see you this week.

Sandy said...

Thank you so much for your comment on Allie's blog! That means so much to us! Since we've seen you, we wondered when you'd be on duty again. You were Allie's first nurse here and you were so wonderful to explain so much to Tim and I. We are very thankful for your explanations and patience. We cannot wait for you to see our miracle child again and see her in action. Please stop by if you can and if we are in a room after you return, please come visit! Thank you again and good luck in your classes!
Sandy & Tim (and Ms. Allie)