Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our Tough Cookie

The waiting continues....

Allie is in stable condition and just sleeping like the little Princess that she is. I can only imagine the dreams that she is having. I bet Nicky is licking her head and she is giggling in the dreams and listening to her songs and Mommy babbling about cows saying moo and little dogs that go ruff ruff ruff.

Since surgery, Allie has been impressing more than just all of us. Her surgeon, her doctors, her nurses and all the people in the waiting room with us are impressed with her progress. (Yes... I'm sure you know that I occasionally talk about our cutie-pie and show pictures, too). Given the difficult time she had in the OR due to her tight little arteries, she has improved wonderfully and quicker than expected. Oh yes, she has a ways to go yet, but she obviously inherited some strong genes and determination from somewhere. They have reduced some of her medicines and are keeping her sedated and still until they can finish the surgery. Oh... did I mention that they chose to leave her opened up a bit (yes... covered and temporarily sealed) to keep the pressure down. We are waiting now for the surgeon to close it all up. It was scheduled for 9am, but he is a really busy surgeon and Allie is patient.

What to expect now? Well, for the rest of the weekend they will try to wean her off of some of her medicines and work to remove the ventilator on Monday. Allie is keeping things at a level they like regarding her oxygen, her nitroglycerin, her blood pressure and other things that the medically-challenged Mommy has forgotten. Until then, we are keeping her company by waiting in the hall and visiting whenever they allow us to (which is 4 times a day for 20 minutes). This little girl is determined to get well and give all of us a run for our money. Tim says we better get some running shoes because we will be chasing her around before we know it!
More to come....
The Lovell's


Katie said...


You continue to be on our minds and in our prayers. You are so fortunate to have such wonderful loving parents. I am sure that they are taking good care of you there but I would love to just give you a big hug!! Please know that we cannot wait for you to get off those mean machines. We continue to check our email every hour to check for updates on you. I am so glad that you are being such a brave little girl. Please know that you are very special and loved by many.

With much love and prayers,
Katie and LeLe Holland

Savanna Carson said...

Hi Lovell Family,
I am so glad to hear things are looking good for little Miss Allie. She is really a little trooper, along with Mommy and Daddy too. I will keep the prayers coming cause I can't wait to make a visit when everyone gets home soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi lil Al,

Just wanted you to know that I'm sending hugs & love. You're thought of more than you know, from folks all across the country. I anxiously anticipate updates on your web page as well as via e-mail from your mom, dad, and HUGE support system. :)

Can't wait to spread the love in person.


Anonymous said...

We are so pleased to be able to hear the good news as it comes in. Thanks for the updates from Daddy and Mommys friends.

You are a 'wonder kid' for sure!
Love and prayers to all!
Mike, Deb and Erin.

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie ...

It will be years before you know all you've gone through, and how anxious Mommy & Daddy, and the rest of us family, and all of your parent's and our friends have been praying you through these worrisome times ... but you'll then know how VERY MUCH LOVED YOU ARE BY ALL!

GOD IS GOOD! He is taking marvelous care of you!

Keep fightin' girl! You are winning the battle!

We'll be down to see you in a couple weeks. I am so very anxious to finally be able to hold you!

Love, Grandpa (... & Granma too!)