Friday, May 16, 2008

All About Me

Hi there! This is Allie.
Yes, I can type. Mom told you I was brilliant, didn't she?
I figure you probably wanted to hear from me because I have been rather quiet lately... (well, I think I'm quiet). I've been busy. After all, there are a ton of toys in this house to look at. You wouldn't believe all the cool colors and sounds these things make! You should come over and dangle a few in front of me. I might even smile if I find you funny. I have a furry friend - Nicholas. I'm trying to get him to stop sniffing the top of my head. I think he is keeping me bald. (Actually, my hair is starting to grow more and looks lighter). I am really liking my fingers these days. Oh, sure.. .the thumb is grande and all, but all 4 fingers really feels good! Plus, Mom knows I'm seriously getting hungry when I do this. Oh! Guess what else I can do? I can hold my head up really good! I love to sit on Mommy's lap and look around. It is fun!

So... about me... I now weigh 8 pounds and 8 ounces and I am 21 inches tall (or long depending on if it is nap time). I know, this sounds like a baby born last week, but it is me! Mommy said she prayed for a tiny baby for so many years that God heard her perfectly clear and gave her me... a tiny baby. Yeah, I still wear my newborn diapers because - well, it is a fashion thing. No girl wants a big bottom and those #1 diapers make my hiney a little too chubby. I don't think I can get away with this newborn diapers for much longer though. I'm pretty much out of the rest of my newborn things. I fit the 0-3 month stuff pretty well now. My body is rather long (yes! 21 inches is long!), so the newborn stuff pulls a bit and becomes too "low cut". My favorite colors are... well... pink because most all of the baby clothes are pink, so I wear them a lot. Mommy likes me in Red, but I've told her I'm not wearing my Christmas outfits anymore!

On Mommy's Day, Daddy and I spoiled her with flowers, presents, breakfast and a trip to the zoo! It was a lot of fun for all of us. I got to wear my new green shades and my sunhat. It was a beautiful day, too! We saw all kinds of funny animals and funny people, too. Lots of people seemed to think I'm too much of a baby to be out like that, but I'm not a baby. I'm almost 6 months old! No one got sunburned and I didn't have to ride the camel, either. (Mommy says I'll probably want to do that when I'm older.)

Other than that, life is pretty good around here. I am not all that into naps these days, but today I'm fooling Mommy and sleeping like I've never slept before. I'm aiming to stay up all night! Granma and Grandpa left last week to go home to Chicago. I miss them! They were lots of fun and gave great hugs. They love to read books and sing, too! I still have a lot of doctor appointments, but they seem to be winding down. I'll let you know after next week. :-) Oh! Big news... I get to start Day Care in a few weeks! Isn't that neat? I'll get to meet so many babies and learn so much! I can't wait!

Here is a picture of me and my Great Grandmother. She calls me her Angel. I think that is what I am! I like seeing her. I give her the best smiles I can give. It is a lot of fun and she loves it, too!

Mommy put a new slide show out here so don't forget to watch that. Maybe you will be in it, too! How are you doing? Send me a message so that I know what is new with you, okay?




Anonymous said...

She is so adorable and tiny!!!! Enjoy it while you still can. One day you'll wake up and wonder when your "little" baby turned into a heavy bag of potatoes!!! :)

Marley is over 15 pounds now and she's wearing me out!!! We won't be able to carry her around in her carseat for too much longer - it's a BIT much!!!

I'm glad to see you guys are doing so well!

-The Wilkes

Anonymous said...

Hello my precious,

Granma has been very busy since returning and I have alot of gardening to do, since we only have 3 months of summer weather. Today though I decided I had to see what you have been up to. You are a great daughter doing all those nice things for your Mommy.

We will be off again soon to Kansas City. My parents, your step Great grandparents live there. My sisters are throwing them a celebration on June 1st. to see all their many family and friends. You are our youngest granddaughter and I wish you could be there, because they all prayed for you many times since you've been born.

Well, Granma must get back to gardening and laundry now, so you be happy and sing those lovely songs we learned and I love you very much.

Love, Granma

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie: Granma and I enjoyed everything new on your blog. We really enjoyed our 3 weeks helping you and Mom and Dad. We sure miss you!!! Drop us a note and let us know how you like Pre-School after you start next week. Love, Grandpa