Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!
We had a very nice 1st Father's Day with Allie. She did all the things a daughter should do - she gave lots of hugs and love to Daddy. It is hard not to. She has him wrapped around her cute little finger and he just loves to spoil her with attention. Allie even gave Daddy some presents of some t-shirts that fit right along his line of thinking. It was a nice day and we both relaxed with him.

Allie came home from school on Friday with some great news... she weighs 9 POUNDS!! We are very excited. She really is doing well and gains a bit all the time. She is eating closer to 3 ounces on average at each meal and she still has a lot of energy. I've included a video clip to give you an idea of how she likes to move and play and chit chat, too. School is going well for all of us. I feel like we are back into some semblance of a routine and I'm able to focus on work and every day life again. Nicky still feels a bit left out, but seems to handle it well over all.

Well, that is the news from the Lovell family. We hope your family is doing well and enjoyed Father's Day!
All of us.

Visiting with the Mize Family

I can play!

I'm getting hungry, Mom!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cute Stuff! You are so adorable and we love to hear all about your days, we just wish we were there to give kisses and hugs in person. Also, congrats on the 9 pounds. That is great! Keep drinking those bottles and soon you will be eating french fries! :)

Love you! Aunt Tammy and Auntie Trisha