Sunday, June 8, 2008

School is Cool!

Hi there! It is me, Allie's Mom. (I love my new title, by the way). As you all know last week was our first week at Day Care. And as you can guess, we survived just fine. In fact, it went very well. Allie started out seeming to suck on her fingers a lot, but as the week progressed, it seems she reduced that slightly, gotten more comfortable and has fallen into the groove with her new classmates. She still loves those feet as you will see. A very observant child, Allie loves to watch the others. She isn't very fussy and doesn't seem to want to take many naps - she might miss something, apparently. But, she loves to watch the others and play with the neat toys (or look at them and try to eat them). Her teachers are very kind and loving people - that part is clear! Allie is by far the tiniest in her class and she may be the youngest, but not by far. In addition to normal baby activies, this week included a couple buggy rides, music therapy and occupational therapy. Allie had already met her occupational therapist at the house and I'm sure she was happy to see Patty's familiar face. Mommy and Daddy did good, too. We did not call 100 times a day and didn't pop in 100 times either. I did make one lunch time visit and we both did pick her up earlier than intended on some of our scheduled days, but who can help it, right? With all the excitement of school, Allie was worn out every night when we brought her home. She ate well, but then fell fast asleep and most nights couldn't be woken for her meal or required Mommy hugs. It was good to let her rest, but we were missing our "Allie" time. We made up for it this weekend by playing and hanging out together. Wish us luck on the second week. Seriously, it is clear we picked a wonderful school for Allie. She will be taken very good care of and will be able to go to this school until she starts bigger-kid school when she is 5. They are very good with Allie and with new Mommies and Daddies.

Have a wonderful week!

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Anonymous said...

My dearest granddaughter Allie ... we are so happy to see you enjoying your wonderful school and hearing all about it. We think you are the most popular kid in your class!

Tell Mom to keep those terrific stories and pictures coming!

I love you Allie, and hope you are listening to Grandma and my tapes, and hearing me say ... "Grandpa loves you Allie! ... Click, click, click, click, click!"

How about you writing me a note?!

Love, Grandpa

Love, Grandpa