Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independance Day with Allie

Happy 4th of July to all of you! We hope your Independence Day was wonderful and filled with great memories. Allie seemed to enjoy the whole idea of a day off with the family. We hung out with "Aunt Sandy" and just had fun playing with the baby.

Allie is doing great these days. She has really found her voice and loves to make sounds. They are still grumbling sounds, but her giggle is adorable. She is still selective about when and where she wants to "talk", but I think we are just seeing her personality come out. Just like toys. She can reach for them, grab them, eat them, drop them, etc. But, if she isn't in the mood, she will just look at it while you hold it as if to say "if I wanted the toy, I'd have asked for it". And that will be about it. Except for some adorable wordless glances that we love to imagine what she is saying in them.

We have begun to test the waters with rice cereal. We really are primarily giving her formula because she needs the extra calories. At 9 pounds, she still isn't winning the doctors over with her successful weight gain. The formula she is on is mixed to bring it to the highest level of calories and fats she can have right now. But, we wanted to try the whole spoon thing and she did wonderful! Small amounts of rice each day, but even at the first "meal", she quickly learned to open her mouth when the spoon came near. She moves those hands out of the way quick, too, because she just can't fit all of it in her mouth at one time (not for lack of trying).
She is really coming along well and sleeping well, too. It is hard to walk away from her and not spend every moment playing with her. But, life goes on and work must be done. She entertains herself well, but seems to really enjoy being with people. She is our social butterfly, but right now she is a rather serious social butterfly. She will smile at you, but only after staring you down and deciding if you are worthy of her wonderful toothless grin.

Have a terrific July!!


Anonymous said...

Well...I really enjoyed reading that and seeing those pictures! You are all so cute...well, especially Allie! Allie looks even more grown up than when I saw her last at the hospital. It happens so fast, but you guys seem to be cherishing every moment. I hope to see you all soon.

Love, Linda Wirth

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie ...

It is so much fun following your progress on your blog, and taking with your Mom and Dad about your wonderful advances in weight, your now eating cereal and vegetables, etc.

You are doing wonderfully well!

Maybe Mom and Dad could put you in a box and send you to us so Granma and I could have another few weeks together with you.

We love you!

'click, click, click ...'
it's Grandpa!