Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a week!

Hello from Allie's World!

It has been an exciting week for our little Superhero. First of all she accomplished rolling over from her belly to her back! She is very good at it now, too. She also was introduced to veggies this week. She has now eaten Green Beans, Carrots and Sweet Peas! She seems to love the whole vegtable world! Although, I must admit that the first bite of sweet peas introduced us to a unique expression and I thought for sure the peas would be coming right back at me, but after she unsquinted those eyes and let her nose relax a bit, she wanted more. I didn't manage to capture it on video, but I think I can foresee the "I don't like this" look she will show me as she gets older. Luckily, bite number two of Sweet Peas seemed to be much better and I haven't seen "the look" since.

Allie is now at 10 pounds!!! Woo hoo! She still eats primarily formula and then we finish some meals off with the rice and veggies (I'm not telling her that this isn't really what "dessert" is all about). Other exciting news of the week is she can now sit in a high chair!! Allie's fabulous school and therapists provided her with a the means to sit at a high chair and play with her toys and of course eat. They even made us a booster seat for home version so we've been enjoying that all weekend long. Allie loves sitting upright without the help of one of us and she pounds on the tray and drops her toys just as we'd expect. It really has been an exciting week and we've now given Allie the tools she needs to continue to impress us. Thanks to everyone at school for helping out and a special shout out to Allie's buddies and Therapists, Melissa and Patty for making this work out for us. We are so appreciative!

Well, it is late and Lil' Bit is fast asleep (after drinking 4 ounces of formula!!!!) and Mommy is worn out. Allie still gets up about every 4 hours and we give her more food, so while Daddy will take the next shift, I'll be seeing 4AM again, so I gotta go to sleep. Here are some videos and pictures of our wonderbaby. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Allie looks great in her chair and on the floor!! Looks like she is having fun. You are so sweet for all your kinds words of thanks, but we are the lucky ones to get to play with your sweet baby. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Allie! Are your blog writers getting lazy ... or are you taking more of their time as you grow up?

I'm looking for Mom & Dad to keep the blog news flowing! Don't let them forget!

Click, click, click ...
Grandpa loves his Allie!