Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hair-Do Day. Gimme a Bow, Mom!

Okay, Mommy finally did it. She tortured me with a bow. She put some kind of animal in my hair. I think she called it a Moose. I know, because I've been learning my animals and now I'm completely confused. But, whatever this Moose did it worked because my Mohawk stood straight up and held this little bow on my head.

I think it was funny. Mommy made such a big deal about it and you know her camera was really close by and she took a ton of pictures. Then, she showed me what I looked like and this is what I thought about it:

Oh yes! It was hilarious!
I never laughed so loud before in my life!
(no.. I wasn't born YESTERDAY!)

I don't find that funny at all, you know.

Mommy says I look like a Kewpie Doll. What do you think?

A few times I had to ask "Hey, Mom? You done yet? "

Then... I thought we were done, but it turns out she just took the bow out and decided to play with the camera - before I got to eat my dinner. You all really need to talk to this Mommy. She doesn't seem to have my priorities straight.

Food? Today? Anytime? Soon?

Mommy, I'm serious, here!

Okay... I'm going to act like I don't see you

and then maybe you will feed me

Aw! I can't do that! This lady makes such funny sounds!!

Okay... I'll be really still and serious so you can see my Mohawk, I mean the cute curl on the top of my head.

Blah!!! Save this one for the picture frames!
Tee hee.. I'm so funny!!

I did want to say Thank you to my Mommy for my first Hair-Do Day. It was fun and she is a great hairdresser. Although, I'm a bit concerned about what will happen when I actually have some hair to do something with. Can anyone give her some lessons, please?

Look into my eyes, Mommy!

Me and Mommy have lots of fun together!

More adventures from the Lovell's to be blogged soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy, Tim, and Allie!

I'm so sorry that I missed your visit at the hospital last week. Everyone said that Allie is just beautiful...and getting so big! I hope you will visit again, soon. I loved catching up on your blog...there has certainly been a lot of progress! Allie is precious!

Take care and keep in touch!

Linda Wirth