Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In my Ears????

Okay... explain it again, Mommy. They are going to put tubes in my ears? Did you tell them I don't want them? Oh... you did? And, we are still going to do it anyway? Okay. I'll be a big girl, but I'll tell you right now, I just don't understand it all yet. I thought I was done with the surgery stuff!

On Monday, August 18th at around 7am Allie will have tubes put in her ears. Right now she has not been able to pass a hearing test in her left ear. They know this is because her ears and the bones structure behind it is small and there is also fluid in them. So, they will drain the fluid, put in tubes and do a more in-depth hearing test. The whole thing will only take about 20 minutes, but you know it will feel longer for Mommy and Daddy. We know this is a very common procedure and she will be just fine. But, if you don't mind, please keep Allie and her health and her comfort - as well as our anxiety levels - in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks! Love from us!
The Lovell Family

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