Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Day in the Life of Ms. Allie

Hello! Welcome to a Day in the Life of Ms. Allie (ME!). Here I am all ready to go to school. Do you like my outfit? My Uncle Kevin sent it to me from his tropical Florida home. It says 0-3 months, but it fits me pretty well. I'll probably get to wear the pants even longer than the shirt. They have pretty bows by my ankles. I'm such a fashion-princess!

As you might have guessed, school has started again for me and I'm in a class full of babies. I'm one of the older kids, so I have to make sure all the little ones are taking naps and stuff. The other day we went for a bye-bye buggy ride and those little babies all fussed and cried. Worked out well for me, I got a separate ride in my own buggy after we put them back in the baby room. It was fun! At nap time, I told them all stories so they would sleep better. I had fun... my stories all sound a lot like this "blah blah da da boba da do blahlah..! Oh... my classroom is called the Baby Bird's Nest. I'm a Baby Bird. Mommy said that is so sweet.

After I got home from school I tried to make my own snack. I think toes are yummy.

Can you try this at home?

Mommy decided I should have something with more substance, so I got a real meal. It is so much fun to wear, too! Here is me eating my food. I still mostly drink milk, but I get to practice eating. I used a cup the other day, but Mommy couldn't figure out how much was actually getting in me verses what I was wearing, so we gave it up quickly.

Then, after dinner we played a lot more. Daddy held me high in the air. I was just like an airplane. It was a lot of fun. I came in for a landing on his knee and got to do it all over again.

This was one fun day!


Hugs and Kisses

from me, Allie


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Ms. Allie,

You are the cutest thing, and you have the best vocabulary I've ever read from a youngster!

We will be praying for your surgery, several in the family have haad this surgery and have done great, You will too.

You keep being a good friend to your new Birds Nest babies and they will all grow up to love and respect you. I sure Love You and miss seeing you.

Love, Granma

Nick & Carrie McDaniel said...

Wow! She looks kinda like Tim when she eats! Just kidding. Glad everything went well today.