Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm 9 Months Old

H A P P Y 9 M O N T H
B I R T H D A Y T O M E ! ! !

Look at me! I'm 9 Month's Old Today!

Look how far I've come....
this is me just 3 months ago when I was 6 months old:

Here I am when I was 3 months old:

Me when I was just a week old!!

And me about a month before I was born.

I loved my feet even then!!

Here is some video of me from last week

And more of me eating my snack last week
after my whole hair-do experience.

Thanks for sharing my 9 month old birthday flashback with me!

P.S. The ear thing went okay. Hurt a bit, I cried a bit which caused Mommy to be a bit upset, but Daddy told me that I did wonderful when he hugged and kissed me. I now have the tiniest tubes anyone had ever seen!! My doctor said they were the talk of the OR! Mommy and Daddy also found out that I can't hear as good as they thought. Seems I can hear Mommy mostly but we all know she is a bit LOUD. I guess things work out as they were supposed to. Just keep on talking, Mommy... I love it! I'm sure she will keep you all posted on my ears and every other aspect of my life, too. She loves this bloggin'!


Anonymous said...

Dear Allie: We are glad that your ear surgery is done and that you came through it with 'flying colors'. We are excited about your getting tiny hearing aids. Some people may have to speak up a little for you to hear them, but certainly not this loud speaking grandpa. We love you Allie!

Katie said...


You are such a little trooper. We have to get together so that you and LeLe can play together. I love your new tricks and the pictures of you. You are still in our thoughts and prayers


Anonymous said...

Click, Click, Click ... it's Grandpa! ... How are you doing Allie? It is SO much fun talking with you on the telephone. I never realized how much a young lady your age has to say about sooooo many things! It really
is neat how you include the word 'Grandpa' in almost every sentence. Granma and I are always looking forward to our next conversation with you ... and we just can't wait until we see and hold you again! WE LOVE YOU! ... oh, and Shadow says 'Hi' also!