Monday, September 1, 2008

Hello from us! Check out Allie's new shoes! Aren't they cool? (Thanks, Stephanie). Sorry we have been out of touch lately. Not a lot has been happening, but a lot has been happening. That is as clear as mud, isn't it? We are on our 3rd cold of the summer, but all getting through it just fine. (cough, cough, sneeeeeze) We did try to rest a lot this past weekend as we were all short on energy. Even Nicky seemed to feel yucky and enjoyed the weekend at home playing with the baby. He enjoys Allie more and more these days and pouts less and less about no longer being an only child. Allie watches Nicky and reaches out to him and pets him and he doesn't have much of a problem with her. We know he will like her more when she begins to eat Cheerios!!

We hope all of you and your families stayed clear of the hurricane and came through it just fine. We expect some rain, but for the most part Birmingham is just fine - well, we have a lot more visitors these days, but luckily we are inland enough. Good luck to all you!

Allie enjoys her bath and the bubbles and the rubber ducky are a lot of fun. Of course, the ducky seems to call out to Nicky and he wants to join Allie. Nicky loves baths as you might recall, so we try not to use the word out loud when he is around. I know, crazy. But, if you mention the word bath Nicky will run to the tub and jump in and that is followed by typical excited terrier barks. He gets so excited! He even knows how to get his towel out of the closet before we start the bath. He will be teaching Allie in no time!

Allie enjoyed some new toys this weekend thanks to Nicky and the gang. Here is her showing you step by step her new rattle and how she likes to play with it.

Our future rock star would like to show you how she practices her scales. This is really just a warm up practice, but she is okay with our sharing it with you. She is going to be quite the vocal one. I'm not sure who she gets that from. :-)

Have a wonderful week!
Love from us, the Lovell's!


Anonymous said...

Click, click, click ... it's Grandpa Allie! ... I just saw your newest pictures on your blog, and as always, you look GRREEAAT!
Bye for now!

Anonymous said...

Is that how you "warm her up", Sandy? Too cute. Just cracked me up!