Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Ties

Art and MaryJean Lovell 50th Wedding Annivesary

It has been a busy couple weeks for our family. We are blessed to be doing well - despite the "daycare colds and coughs" that drag us down. We are blessed to also have wonderful family and friends in our lives. Unfortunately, over the years it is easy to drift away from some of those family and friends and all you can do is regret the lost time and try to start again when you realize how far away you drifted.

Last week, Allie's Mimi passed away. Unfortunately, Allie didn't get to meet Mimi. Mimi is Tim's Granddaddy's bride of 51 years. I also had very limited time with Mimi. But, the few visits I had with her and the conversations this past weekend about her clearly dictate she was a "Marvelous Mimi" who was deeply loved and will be forever missed. I know she is in Heaven with Allie's Grandma and Grandpa Lovell and with my Grandparents as well. I know they will all watch over Allie. While we can't go back and catch up for lost time, I hope that we can avoid drifting further away. The family was wonderful to us and welcomed us and Allie this past weekend. It was a joy to be able to share Allie with them. Mimi - you did it again, you seemed to have brought people together once again and I thank you.

With love and sorrow,


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