Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now I can hear you better!

ah ha! That's what you've been saying! I have new "ears" as Mommy calls them. They help me hear better. Oh... don't worry. If you were here and you read to me or sang to me or talked to me and even those of you that called on the phone. I heard you. The doctor assured Mommy that the billions of books she already read have been in fact heard by me. But, it seems I probably missed a few of the sounds. And, for me to learn and be able to communicate with all of you, I really need to hear every sound, not just some of them. So, now I have hearing aids. They are in my current favorite color - PINK! I know, you can't see them yet because of my headband, but I asked Mommy to put this picture first. I'm being funny just for you!

This picture is a little bit blurry, but I was reaching for my puppy dog. Something I love to do, but he isn't as excited about it. Can you see it behind my ear? Maybe this next one is better. This is what they look like when you look right at me.

Okay, maybe this shot is a little better. See... the part that goes behind my ear is pink and they are digital hearing aids. So, they adjust to sounds in the room. This means Mommy doesn't have to learn to talk quietly. (Good because I don't think she could learn that one!). There is a clear part that goes into my ear. That is called an ear mold. I will have to get new ones as I grow. I had to have my ear fitted so it fits only me. Here is a picture me getting my first molds done:

So far I'm enjoying my new ears. Okay... I'm not taking them out at least. This headband helps keep them in place if you were wondering why I all of a sudden have started wearing head bands. :-) I am not too excited whenever someone starts to put them in my ears, but once they are in and they get turned on I can really hear better. At least everyone says I act like I can hear better. When I'm older I'll let her know for sure. Daddy sounds pretty cool, too, you know. I'm having a lot of fun with them, but Nicky seems a bit louder now. Any suggestions on turning the volume on a wire fox terrier down?

Here are more pictures from my day at the Hear Center in Birmingham while I was getting fitted for my hearing aids:
Me and Daddy having fun in the lobby.

Getting the mold put in my ear and waiting for them to be done
Okay, I was really
tired and just gave
out. Luckily, Daddy
was there to cuddle
me. He's so
good at it, too!
More stories of my Adventures coming up. Do you know about Allie's Allies? Stop back by to find out if you don't!
Love and kisses and incredible hugs and smiles just for you!
Love, Allie B. Lovell


Anonymous said...

Hi Allie ... It's Grandpa again! I was just enjoying the blog entries of Sept. 14th and thought I'd send you a note to tell you. Granma Connie and I (& of course Shadow) are looking forward to being with you on your First Birthday. I know that's a couple months away, but it will be here in no time.

All of the new pictures on your blog are very good!

We love you and miss you Allie!

Love, Grandpa

Savanna Carson said...

Okay...she is just too cute for words in those headbands!!! I need to come by and visit, now that we are somewhat settled!!