Thursday, October 30, 2008

Allie's in Print!

Allie is featured
in a Magazine!

(No, that isn't her on the cover... but, her name is there! )

If you can get your hands on Alabama Baby Magazine, do so.
Her story (which you all know from being avid blog readers) is now
in print. We are very excited to be featured in such a magazine and
are thrilled with the article. Allie is an Amazing girl and
we are proud to let everyone know she is also one tough cookie!


LuLu's world said...

I will have to get that magazine! I can't wait to read it. Not to mention I know that Baby on the cover! :) Have you scrapbooked your walk with Allie yet? Some ladies from the Church are going to Red Rooster tomorrow!

Sandy said...

Hi there! How cool that you know the baby on the cover, too! Haven't scrapped a thing yet about Allie. (I heard that gasp!). But, we are going to the Magnolia Retreat next Friday. We still have room if you are interested in joining us! It is second to the Rooster. :-) Great to hear from you!