Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Allie Turns 1 Today!

Happy 1st Birthday, Allie!

Sweet Little Allie - Happy 1st Birthday! You have brought so much love, joy and excitement to our lives. You have made this year completely amazing, unforgettable and just plain wonderful. You have brought so many people together and taught us all that we are stronger than we know. You have made us stronger in so many ways. We are thankful for you and look forward to the days and years ahead. You are such a blessing to us and all of your "fan" club. Keep teaching us, sweetie!

We love you with all our hearts!

Mommy, Daddy, Nicky and all of your family, friends and our faithful blog followers!


Trisha said...

Happy Birthday Little Girl!!!

We can't believe that it has already been a year since we got the phone call saying you were here!

You are so strong! I can't wait to see you and be able to celebrate all your coming birthdays!

We love you Allie!

Love, Auntie Trisha and Aunt Tammy

Savanna C said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you have had a great 1st birthday...still can't believe it has been a year!!!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Allie!! We cannot wait to see you this weekend!

LeLe and Katie

LuLu's world said...

Happy Birthday Allie! Wow a year has already gone by. She is so precious. I love the party hat. Did her crafty Mom make it? :)

Jenny G said...

Happy Birthday Allie! We're looking forward to celebrating with you on Saturday!!!!

Melissa O'Brien said...

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Allie! You've been such a source of joy to everyone this year and have shown us all what a "Mighty Bit" you are in so many ways.


Aunt Melissa

Anonymous said...

Happy First Birthday Allie!!!

Granma and I, and Shadow of course, are so very happy to be able to share it with you in your home.

The recent entries on your blog .. from Halloween, the weekend Scrapbooking Party, and your birthday, are really good, and lots of fun to see.

You make great videos! Maybe you'll be a movie star.
Can I be your agent?

Love, Grandpa

Katie said...

Sandy and Allie,

I am so sorry that LeLe and I missed your birthday party today! LeLe woke up with a fever so we didn't want to make you sick.

I hope you had a wonderful time at your party!

We need to get together because you are going to LOVE your present!

Katie and LeLe

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, little miss!!! We hope you had a wonderful day and cannot wait until you bring Mommy into the store again! We had such a great time with you!!! We pray for you, your mommy, and your daddy every day!
Paulette and Christen