Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekend Get Away

Last weekend, Allie and I had a wonderful time with about 18 other woman. We went on a Scrapbooking Retreat. For those of you that scrapbook, I'm sure you can understand the fun we had! While I admit, as coordinator and on site Mommy, I didn't get a lot done in my scrapbook. I did have a lot of fun and am very thankful for the blank book and pages my friends have made for me. I was able to just glue in pictures and was done! It was a lot of fun to get away.

While there, Allie learned and perfected her "party" tricks (as I call them). Go ahead... tell her that she is SO BIG. She will raise her hands up over her head. Aunt Maureen taught her the trick and I was surprised to hear Aunt Melissa doing it exactly the same way and Allie remembered the steps and thrilled us. Aunt Melissa also taught her to "Fly Like Superman" as you saw in the earlier video. Allie has also perfected her wave and loved to flash a smile and a wave regardless of the time of day or night. And, she has this adorable sound she makes. It seems like whenever people would get back to scrapping and she was alone, she would make this cute sound (see video below) and everyone would acknowledge her. She was very social and now has a bunch of new friends.

Allie also had some excitement of her own. A few days before the trip we felt her first TOOTH coming through! She showed some signs of discomfort while at the retreat, but since we had lots of other mommies there, I learned important things like signs of teething (no, I won't go into detail here), all about Teething Tablets and Biter Cookies - and how to handle baby swallowing unexpected cookie crumbs. Aunt Shea also learned to unbuckle the baby before you try to yank her out of her high chair. I learned I probably should take action and not just watch as my 2 foot baby goes to a 3 foot baby. Seriously, all was good and Allie's tooth came in and she did wonderfully with it.

Now, we are working on our second tooth. She is doing well, but her body seems to be demanding that she keep a low-grade fever this time. Oh yes, just low enough that we aren't panicking, but high enough that we are wanting to make her feel better. Yes.... she has been spoiled rotten all weekend long. You gotta coddle a feverish baby, you know!

Wait for it... it's cute...

Enjoy your weekend!
Sandy & Allie


Savanna Carson said...

I hate I missed this, it sounds like ya'll had SSSOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

Jenny G said...

I can't belive you didn't mention the eggs!!!

Allie is adorable and I loved hearing her giggle and that made that cute sound all weekend!