Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our First Craft Together

Well, it was our first craft that didn't involve putting ink on Allie's hands or feet. So, I think this qualifies for a first craft. We made a foam water globe. Allie taught me a lot during this project. First of all, did you know it apparently works best and accomplishes multiple things if you taste each piece first? Allie seemed to think that the trees tasted better than the snow, but I didn't follow her lead. Anyway, we had fun putting this together and it is proudly displayed on our refrigerator. Look how happy and proud of herself she was when it was all done. She also is letting everyone know that this was our "first" craft - see... the number one on her right hand? Isn't she amazing? Have a wonderful day!
Crafty Allie's Mom
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Sandy said...

Note to Michele - Thanks for the help on the collage! For a quick shot at it, I'm happy!

SavannaLea said...

She is definitely going to take after her mom,, being all crafty!!

Jenny G said...

Crafts with V is one of my fav things to do!!!