Sunday, December 7, 2008

Me And Santa

Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas to you!

Allie met Santa at our PADS Christmas Party on Sunday.
She wasn't too sure about this man and the beard,
but she was all dressed up and looked great.

Allie had a wonderful time meeting people and hanging out with Daddy for a few minutes. I couldn't help but snap these pictures when I saw them playing across the room. Allie has grown so much this past year, but this reminded me of the picture last year in her Christmas dress where she looked like a doll. Now, she just looks like a slightly larger doll. She is a Daddy's Girl. It is clear he is in love as she is, too.

Allie took a moment to check to see if she has any more teeth coming in. There is still debate in our house on if she has 1 tooth or 2 teeth. She isn't that keen on showing them off. But, right in front there is what we thought were two teeth side by side, but now I'm wondering. It looks like perhaps just one tooth that might be coming in crooked. Of course, it could be two - a taller one and a shorter one - as we first thought. I guess we will wait and have the mystery solved for us all in good time.

At the PADS party, Allie met up with Daniel. He is really growing and doing well, too. He loves that thumb and who could blame him! Allie said "Thumbs taste Great!" (in her Allie way). We also saw several other buddies there while at the party. It was fun to catch up with an ex-coworker of mine, Lisa and Joey Bryant and their two boys, too. It is such a small world at times!

Before the party, Allie and I played with Christmas photos. While we still need to take more, this one was just too cute to pass up right now.

Merry Christmas from Allie and Rudolph!


Anonymous said...

Dear Allie: You and Santa look great ... but you also look cute!

We are glad to see you are having a fun Christmas season. We sure wish we could be there to see you checking out the Christmas tree lights, and other colorful Christmas things.

We love our Allie!

Click, click, click ... Grandpa

Scott, Michelle and Edie said...

Thank you for the notes. The pictures of Allie and Santa are great! I wish Edie would keep a hat on her head longer than two blinks. Edie is being Baptised this Saturday and her Gigi gave her a Baptism hat before she was born to wear on the big day. We will have to see how long it last. I hate we have waited so long - but I guess there was such a long period there where I was afraid to take her out of the house for fear of her temp dropping or getting sick. After 11 short months I am finally getting past this.
To do the pictures all you have to do in download Picasa by Google. You can actually click on the rainbow colored icon below each of the pictures on Edie's blog and it will take you to it. Then all you do is import pictures and put them in the hold file and create a collage then push blog this. It is easy. Sounds difficult - but you will figure it out.

Meredith said...

Okay, you need to email me a pic of the Rudolph basket pic!

Love, Allie's fave therapist

Jenny G said...

Love the one of Allie in the basket!!!