Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Baby Blues

I have something called a virus and I don't think any of you should get one. I'm not having any fun. I've been hot and had a tummy ache since yesterday after dinner. This is no fun!

Hi! This is Allie's Mom, and this virus is no fun for us either. This is our first virus with temperature and all of the joys that go with tummy bugs. Poor Allie. It is so sad when little ones are sick, they don't understand. She is a trooper, though. Even not feeling well, she will still flash a smile. Our neighbor, Terry came over while Allie was going through a particularly yucky phase. Allie just stared at him for a short bit and then gave him a really sweet smile. She has a sweet personality even when she isn't feeling herself.

Our poor baby

Like the socks? They are supposed to be her size,
but they fit more like knee-highs today. It was cute!

Our Sleeping Beauty


SavannaLea said...

Feel better soon, Miss Allie!!!

LuLu's world said...

I hope she feels better soon, so we can see that smiling face again!