Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Don't forget to take your baths and wash behind your ears!

Also, in case you see my around town you need to know I can do so much more these days!! Like for example, those shopping carts you use? Yep! I can ride in the seat now. Those restaurant high chairs... yep...they are a snap for me. My cool pink jeep stroller. It is the talk of the 1 year olds! So, keep your eyes open for me.

I'm a moving and a shakin'!

Me and Daddy having dinner at Full Moon BBQ.
He won't let me drink any of his Monster drink.
He says I have plenty of energy already.
Hi Mom! I'm glad you brought your camera!
I really did get to ride in this outside, I promise!

I'm playing in my room. Mommy remembers
when I was so much smaller sitting in this chair.
This was me....

almost one year ago. February 2008.
I guess I have grown a bit!

My parents and I hope your year
is all that you wish it to be!

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Sherry said...

She is precious!!!!