Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Classroom

Hi there! Most all of you know and the rest of you will know in just a second that I go to the best day care school ever! Up until Friday, I've been a "Baby Bird". I stayed in that room a little longer than I might have needed to, but in case you forgot... I had heart surgery and everyone wanted to make sure I was well rested before moving onto this new classroom. So, I got lots of extra hugs and kisses while being a baby bird. It was fun!! Now, I'm in a new classroom and we get to do lots of fun things. Plus, I'm not really behind or anything. The kids in my room are 9 months old up to 19 months old, so I'm right where I need to be. Our room is called Morning Glory and I already love my teachers! In fact, I've visited a lot since the fall and I think I've gotten them to like me, too. The kids are fun, too. Some were Baby Birds with me and moved now, too! We will do lots of activities and I'll learn more things now that I'm growing. This week we are learning about Winter Clothes. I'd tell you more, but I haven't learned it yet. But Mom is really excited about the arts and crafts and the sensory table we get to use. It is going to be so much fun. This room has kids just like me! Well, none in my classroom have my extra superhuman chromo if that is what you are wondering. In fact, I think most are just like you. It's okay, though. We are all special, you know. I would share my chromo with you if I could, but I'm still perfecting my super powers.
I showed them right away that I'm SO big. Like my new outfit from Aunt C?
It is a lot of fun already, can you tell by my smile?
I got to meet some of the kids in the next classroom. Daddy said "boy, those kids are big".
They were really nice and shared their toys with me.

Mommy caught us playing when she came to get me.

Me and my friends in my class. No, Daddy, we aren't getting ready for Aerobics.

I'm fast asleep and dreaming about school. It really is the best school ever!
(Mommy and Daddy say hello everyone!!)


Teresa Pope said...
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Grandpa said...

Dear Granddaughter Allie ...
We LOVED your school and Christmas pictures and videos. You look so pretty! You really have fun with your new 'phone. I think that's a school boy friend calling.
We leave today for a long weekend in Kansas City, KS with Granma's family, including your Great-Grandparents, Bud and Clytie, Granma's parents.
WE LOVE YOU!!! ... Grandpa

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the then and now" pics of Allie in the previous post! I remember when Chrissi was that little!!! The time goes by SO fast--embrace every second!

Allie's new classroom looks like so much fun!!! She is having a blast!