Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fun on a School Night

Well, the evening started out with me thinking I'd actually check email, maybe see who might be online and just let Allie play with her toys. While I was doing this, I noticed Allie singing into the mirror of her Superstar Stage toy that Santa brought for her. So, I thought... Hey! I'll grab some quick video and upload it and then continue on my 'PC Night'. Well... next thing you know I'm holding a very sleepy baby in the soft comfy bed in her room and helping her go to sleep. Where does the time go? What happened? Well, here are a few things we did tonight while Daddy was healthy and worked out at the gym.....

Allie watched and tried to kiss herself in the
mirror and she was singing, too

Allie puts on a little song and show for you...
live and in action

Time to enjoy a snack. Notice the Red Cheeks?
Could mean another tooth is coming!
We celebrate with a cookie

Nicky pays attention to any flying pieces
(yes, she did eventually give him the cookie)

Here, Nicky, Fetch... NOT!

Mommy decided I should have
some puffs and some cool whip!
She is the best!

Watch me talk and play

Cool Whip feels funny on my fingers!

Tastes YUMMY, too!

TADA! I got Cool Whip everywhere!

I love my bath time!
What a fun night!

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Jenny G said...

I love hearing Allie's little voice! Adorable!