Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm all better now and looking forward to school. I took a bath, washed my hair and picked out my clothes. I'm ready! It is fun to be home, but fun to be around my friends and teachers, too. So, tomorrow I'll say "Bye Bye, Nicky, you are on your own for a few hours buddy-boy!"
We are so glad Allie is feeling better. She was a lot better on Sunday, but still sluggish and not her typical self. She was wide awake around 2AM Monday morning. I guess all the resting and sleeping threw her off a bit. It was hard to be upset with her timing (despite my just having fell soundly asleep) when I saw her bright eyes. It was clear she was feeling better. So, we played a bit and she drank some milk and about an hour and a half later, she fell fast asleep. I was only seconds behind her. It is good to have her back! We had a fun day today just enjoying the day off with nothing on the schedule. She is such a fun baby to be around. We did go to Walmart this afternoon and while we were there she got her typical "oohs and ahhs" from people going past her. She sounds so cute and makes such cute faces that people can't seem to help stopping to meet her or smile at her. She always seems to have an extra smile to give them - usually when they are just about to think she won't smile. Then, she flashes one of her best. It is really funny. I think she knows she has this special talent for making people feel good.

Have a wonderful week everyone!
P.S. Even Nicky got a bath for the event!

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Anonymous said...

My Beautiful Allie ...

I talked with Mom who told me you were better, then thought you were getting a cold, but decided it was a molar coming in.

Congratulations on Tooth #2!

You - and Nicky's - bath pictures were great! Your smile is terrific (and don't tell Nicky, prettier than his).

Maybe Granma and I, and Shadow, will come to see you, Mom, Dad and Nickey in March.

We LOVE you! Grandpa