Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a difference a year makes

Do you ever feel that a year isn't enough time to accomplish something? Maybe you want to lose weight or learn a new skill, but you think it will take too long. Give yourself a year and see what you can do. Use Allie as an example. In one short year she has accomplished so much. What an inspiration to us all! It was one year ago on Wednesday that Allie came to live with us. She was in the hospital so long that it was technically her first residence. But, this is her first home. What a fantastic unbelievable year it has been!! What has she done? Well, she has won over all of you for starters. She has defied the odds in so many ways. She has gained a lot of weight, survived heart surgery and ear surgery, learned to live with hearing aids, learned to roll over, sit up, babble, eat, laugh, giggle, splash in the tub, wave, make funny sounds, go to school, paint, play music, pet the dog, kiss the dog (yes, we are trying to un-teach her that one), sign the word dog and more. And, she has figured out how to make people smile. Of course, there is so many more things that she has done, but for a quick list, that covers a whole lot. Oh, and she has won mine and her Daddy's heart forever. She is our miracle child and if she can accomplish so much in one year - with odds stacked against her - you can do whatever it is you are wanting to do. Allie challenges you. Give it a year, try really hard and see where you are next January 28th. Good luck!

January 28, 2008

Almost 1 year later - January 2009


LuLu's world said...

Great post and you are so right... she is a miracle and living proof of what our God can do. Thanks for the reminder today!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Allie ... I just read
your 1.27.09 blog and want to congratulate you on your first full year at home, after such a long hospital stay after your birth.

Congratulations! You HAVE accomplished A LOT this last year!!!

Among the many things accomplished your blog mentions is your
'babbling'. PLEASE set your parents straight! ... this is not babbling, it is your repeatedly asking for 'Grandpa'. Have Mom and Dad get their ears checked. Perhaps THEY need hearing aids.

Love, Grandpa