Friday, January 30, 2009


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Hello! I'm finally getting a chance to upload some of these fantastic photos. This is Allie's Auntie Trisha. Okay, in fact, Trisha is Allie's cousin - just to not confuse everyone. But she has been selected to be Auntie Trisha and she is turning out to be a fantastic aunt. Her and her mom, Tammy, came to visit us right after Christmas. It was a fantastic time for a visit. It helped us out a lot because Allie's day care was closed and it gave Tammy and Trisha some time with Allie. They seemed to have a fantastic time and I think they broke the record for number of photos taken. They took Allie to the zoo, the mall, other stores and to Portrait Innovations where they got these fantastic shots. They said everyone just fell in love with Allie and her Chicago Bears outfit. I'm sure they fell in love with Trisha, too, but being a tad older than Allie, they probably had to act professional. The pictures are really cute. The football was a great idea and yes, it is a standard size football. The up do hairdo was a surprise to me and I love it. I don't think I would have thought to do that to little Allie, but it has become one of my favorite pictures. Clearly, Allie loved having her Auntie Trisha and her Aunt Tammy here for a visit. She had a lot of fun for them and they wore her out. She seemed to sleep a lot they said. I sure could have used their help tonight, Lil' Bit was refusing to go to sleep this evening. Something about a big old molar tooth trying to get into her mouth through her gums. Ugh. Painful!

Thanks, Tammy and Trisha (and Dexter)!
I'm so glad we could share our angel with you.
Thanks for spoiling her with so much love, hugs, kisses and fun!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there 'Bonnet Babe' ...
I love all your pictures, especially those with your bonnet, the one in your robe, and you in that giant duck bathtub. The pictures with Aunt Tammy and Auntie Trisha were terrific. They said they had a wonderful time with your entire family. Granma and I LOVE you Allie!