Friday, January 30, 2009

Introducing Allie and her Bonnet

No, Allie is not trying out for Little House on the Prairie, although, clearly she'd get the part as Baby Laura Ingalls. And no, Holly Hobbie is not her favorite doll, either. And, finally, no, her Mom has not decided the fashion days of the early settlers were better than today's awesome clothes. But, Allie is wearing her hearing aids - and keeping them in - much more these days. Thanks to the bonnet.

So, although it isn't a fashion statement I'd like to make and I don't think one adorable girl wearing this hat will bring them back into style (let's hope not anyway), I must admit she can hear us better and that is really what is important. I must say, we don't appear to be the only ones that wonder what Allie will say about the hearing aids when she can tell us. You see, ever since she was an itty bitty baby back in the NICU, she has turned toward sound. You all remember how she turned her head and opened her eyes when I first met her and said hello. Well, she also turned to look at us and when we'd play music for her. So, clearly she can hear. She still responds to us without her aids in and it is hard sometimes to think to put them in when she is so responsive. But, her fabulous Speech Therapist - Meredith - helps us to understand it all and that encourages us to keep those hearing aids in. You see, Allie's hearing loss is mild to moderate. That means she can hear, but to really learn and be able to pronounce her words properly, the hearing aids will help her greatly. So, I'm learning that bonnets aren't such a bad thing. I'm also searching the web for a few more styles to help satisfy my desire to have my baby dressed even more adorable - preferably something from this century's style.

Allie and her bonnet - January 2009

For an idea on how Allie can hear things, click on the link "What Things Sound Like to Allie" under sites to check out. Click on the mild hearing loss for some ideas on how Allie can hear. You may want to listen to the moderate hearing loss, she is in between the two (if I understand it all correctly).

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