Monday, March 23, 2009

Daddy Day Care Still Open

Well, it may be closing its doors temporarily tomorrow if our Lil' Hero's fever stays gone. But, for the past week, Allie and her Daddy have had a fabulous time hanging at the house. Allie had a virus with a rash (non-itchy, thank goodness!), then she also had a sinus infection and "gunky" ears to quote our pediatrician. So, we've been doing the antibiotics (shhhh... she thinks it is yummy) and staying away from other children. Here are a few pictures from Daddy Day Care Week. First pictures shows you Lil' Bit's rash. How sad!

Allie watching her Baby Signing Times Video. I'll tell you what - I was completely impressed with Daddy Day Care. I got regular updates during the day and was told what was going on. Allie was taken for walks, rolled, played, watched signing and learning videos and everything! He did really good with her hearing aids all week, too (believe me... that alone deserves major gold stars). I know they aren't in during this picture, but hey... a a camera or hearing aids? Sometimes you have to pick your game. As for the sign language... Allie can now sign Fish, Dog, More, Milk (okay.. just did it a few times), all done and Daddy! She also waves hello and bye bye. Oh.. and she has started to "pat" our backs when we pat her back. So darn cute!!
This is the general view of what I saw when I'd get home. They played hard each day. Allie seemed to enjoy it, but we both think she misses her school. It is hard to compete with our school. It is definitely the best in the land!!
Allie wants to share her Easter Pooh with you.. Makes you almost want to reach out and grab it! We got this last year from Ms. Savannah and I have to admit it is so cool to watch Allie play with these toys that a year ago didn't do much for her. She is so active now.
This is Allie signing "Daddy". For a while, we thought she was saying "hat". So, we'd comment as if she said hat. Then, it occured to us that on the video, one of the babies did this for Daddy (slightly different than the actual sign, of course). When we tested Allie by asking her to sign Daddy. Guess what... we got this!
He really is her favorite guy (not girl!) and she lights up when he walks into her view. If he walks out of the room, she pats her head and watches the doorway. She is truly Daddy's Little Girl and I think she will learn quickly just what that will mean. Oh. I'm in for some un-spoiling, right? :-)

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Melissa O'Brien said...

Sounds like Allie had a great week having special Daddy/Daughter time. Too bad the precious little one was not feeling well. Sounds like she's recovering...YEAH!!!!