Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mommy and Me Day

Saturday was OUR day. Daddy had Allie all week, so I took Saturday as my day with the angel. It was such a fun and relaxing day. We started the morning pretty typical with lots of hugs, cuddles, music and toys. Then, after her breakfast we headed out to the bank. Lately I’ve wanted to get her a toy to ride on and just haven’t gotten to the store to find one. But, as we headed to the bank, we saw the perfect one sitting outside at a yard sale. We decided it was best to help the economy by helping our neighbors. So, we stopped and go the perfect bike for Allie. She absolutely LOVES it. Her toes touch the ground when she stretches them out or leans one way. She finds it a lot of fun and so do I. Although, I can imagine what fun when she can push it on her own!

We then headed to the park to have some lunch and play a bit. I didn’t have my camera with me, but I will never forget the fun and serenity we had that day. We took our chance on going to the park near out house. Despite the fact it is usually packed with soccer games and other older kid events. We got there and the parking lot, the fields and the playground were all empty! Allie and I went to the swings. She had fun… but, only for a few minutes before we had to get out of the sun as her spots were returning. We went to the top of the slide in the covered section and sat and sang our songs and just hung out. It was nice and breezy and she was so giggly and happy. It was really nice.

We then went home for a much needed nap (her not me) and then headed out to the Pet Store. She can now sign “fish” and “dog” on a regular basis, so I had to show her some of the many fishes and the few dogs (darn cute puppies!). It was fun, but I'm really ready for a petting zoo! After dinner, it was time for Arts and Crafts. She had fun and got paint all over the place. It is just so much fun playing with her. She is so willing to do new and routine things and has a great attitude about all that I drag her to do. Of course, you know how we ended the day.. .yes, a nice warm bubbly bath.

It was fun not having the camera out all day, but I’m wishing now I had more pictures of our day together for all of you.

Have a great day with the ones you love!

Allie and her painted body, face, hands, chair.
So proud of her artwork!!

Thanks for a great day, Allie. You are the best little girl ever!


Melissa O'Brien said...

I just love those special mommy/daughter days. I have many memories when Hannah and I just got busy having fun and everything else in the world just seemed to disappear.

Scott, Michelle and Edie said...

It has been too long! Man is Allie growing! I am so glad you and Allie were able to get in some girl time. I need more of those days with Edie myself.
I am so proud of Allie and all of her signing. We really have to get back on the band wagon with Edie so she can catch up!

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie:

We haven't seen on your blog what's been happening in your life for the last week. :-) Nothing exciting?

It's amazing you've had over 10,000 visits to your site. If you get a birthday card from that number of people it will take you years to open them all!

We love and miss you and are looking forward to seeing you at my 75th Birthday Party/Family Gathering.

Love, Grandpa