Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alabama Snow Day!

Catching snowflakes is fun and tasty, too!
Allie's first snow - since she came home from the hospital. I think she likes it!

Stay warm everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lil' Bit ...

Your first time ever snow pictures are wonderful. What did you think of snow? Did you touch it to see how cold it was? ... maybe even taste it? If you liked snow tell Mom and Dad you want to move to Elgin, IL ... we get LOTS of snow!

Your snow time video was great, especially the part where you look down over Mom's shoulder at the snow, seeming to say 'What is that strange white stuff on my grass?'

Granma and I - and our whole family - are looking forward to your hopefully long visit with us for my birthday and our family reunion.

Love you LOTS!...
your Snow Bird Grandpa