Sunday, March 8, 2009

Doctor! Doctor!

No, we aren't going back to 80's music, but the song has been in my mind lately. Let me tell you why. First of all, I really should have titled this Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! You see, we've been to the Doctor 4 times this week. Even for us, this was an unusual week. It is nothing for us to have 2 doctor appointments in one week, but 4 is a bit much. Let's see... it all started on Monday with a call from the school - Allie wasn't feeling well. In all actuality, I was about to call the doctor anyway. She had been more congested than usual and had a horrible cough for several days. Given her heart condition, we really can't take possible chest congestion lightly. Plus, we've been told a few at school have had RSV and we are doing our best to avoid it. Anyway, when the nurse called and I heard Allie crying horribly in the background, I went to get her right away. For those of you that know Allie, you know that crying more than a few seconds is not a normal thing for her (yes, I know we are spoiled). So, we went to the doctor despite the fact that when we left school Allie was all smiles and literally waved at everyone like she was being released for a holiday! Yes, "faker" crossed my mind. We saw the doctor (#1) and she was basically fine (she did have a bad cough and congestion, but just in her nose as normal). Then, I got a call on Wednesday saying that the therapist thought Allie was sick. We didn't fall for it this time. That day Allie taught us all that she has reached a new phase - the ability to manipulative stage. It was sad for her therapist, Meredith, because Allie wanted to roll and play with her friends and not do therapy, so she acted sick. Of course, Meredith couldn't believe that sweet little Allie would do such a thing, but it seems we have all underestimated our sweetie. As you can see, we have one brilliant child!

Let's see... then, Thursday was our normal monthly visit to the Doc (#2) for her RSV shot, Allie checked out fine then, too. Friday was a routine ENT doctor (#3) visit, all went fine there as well. -tubes are still firmly in her ears. (yeah!). Then on Saturday Allie didn't seem to be her perky self, but also didn't show signs of being really sick either. So, we had Mommy-Daughter plans and we continued on to the bowling alley for the Annual Junior Achievement fund raiser and Allie was a trooper. Skipped her nap, but smiled for everyone and after getting comfy in her new surroundings, went to her buddies Sandy and Melissa for some one on one time. Then, we got home. I had noticed her eyes a bit goopy earlier in the day, but given her congestion and tear duct issues, I passed it off as nothing. Until she woke up from her nap and the goopy eyes clearly said "pink eye" to us. It was just a matter of an hour or two when it was no longer possible it was pink eye, but it was in our opinion. We called the nurse, started her on her antibiotic (that we happen to have in our personal pharmacy) and made our appointment. Sunday morning we visited the doctor (#4) to confirm it and to get the official word. Good news is that Allie weighs 13 pounds and 2 ounces and between Monday and Thursday had gained 5 ounces. Doc said we can visit as much as we want if she will keep gaining weight like that!

Allie is doing wonderfully and I think someone forgot to tell her she was sick. When we got to the doctor's office this morning (yes, our amazing doctor's are there on Sunday for us!) she was all smiles, her eyes didn't look too bad and she was waving again. I assured the nurses she really was sick!

So, as you can guess as I catch up on things at 10:30 at night, I'm hoping for a doctor free week. So far, we only have one appointment this week and it doesn't involve a doctor and I'm ecstatic! Let's just hope it stays this way and Allie keeps getting better. Oh... you should see her "fake" cough. It really is cute. Not sure what she is trying to tell us with it, but it is very funny when she starts it. I'll try to get her to perform it on video for you.
Have a great week and rest assured, Allie is fine... Oh... she is working on another big tooth. Notice the rosy red cheeks in this last picture? Sure sign of a tooth for Ms. Allie. It must be tough to be a baby!


Jenny G said...

4 in one week! Holy cow!!! You deserve a medal..or at least a scrapbooking weekend..oh wait, that's coming!!!

Glad Allie is feeling better and hope this week is calmer!!!

Anonymous said...

My Darling 'Lil' Bit ...

4 doctor visits in one week?! I think you're just finding a way for more 'Girl's Time Out' with Mom.

We are glad you are better now!

We love your new blog pictures. It doesn't seem possible but you get prettier all the time.

I see you are continuing to gain weight. Time to shop for a girdle?

Love you! ... Click, click, click -it's Grandpa