Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank you!

One of the sign language signs we are learning are the words "thank you". We are teaching Allie that it is polite and proper to thank people for doing things for you or helping you. She is learning that it makes people feel good when you thank them for being nice. So, today I wanted to Thank YOU. And give you some random pictures to look at of our growing girl.

Allie making music
Allie teaches Daddy to play
Allie knows Mommy Rocks!
Allie got the bowl, can you tell?

It gives me genuine warm and fuzzy feelings to see that so many people check on Allie via this blog on a regular basis. That makes me feel so special to know you care so much for her. I feel guilty when I don't have time to post a message because I can tell you took the time to look for a new picture of my sweet daughter (don't worry - I don't expect you to read all my ramblings). So, today, after a week of feeling horrible - oh yes, I have had some nasty virus that has kept me out of commission all week - and having had to stay away from Allie (oh yes.. that is hard to do!), I wanted to post a message to Thank You for caring so much about her and subsequently, us. I hope you will accept these pictures as a sign of our appreciation. As soon as Allie has the Thank You sign down pat and will do it for a video, we will post it and you will know how much we really Thank You for being in our lives!

Allie says save for a rainy day and you will be happy!

See our Budding Musician in Action:



LuLu's world said...

Thank You for always sharing her sweet smile with us! Hope you feel better! :) Have a great weekend.

SavannaLea said...

She is too cute not to love!!! Hope you are feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Allie, Granma has not seen your blog for awhile. I had time tonight to run through all the past ones. My, you have grown and are doing all sorts of things. I love you and I will try to see you every day os so. My love to all, Granma

Katie said...

I LOVE THESE PICTURES and BABY ALLIE!! I have to get you your ornament!! I am glad to see that Allie is doing so well. Maybe since the weather is warming up, we can meet at the park one day!