Sunday, April 19, 2009

Turn Turn Turn

I'm having a hard time capturing Allie do her sign language or any of her other "tricks" on video, but this actually shows more than I realized. She is turning around with ease, making cute sounds and blowing bubbles. Additionally, we are told she sat up at day care the other day (from laying down). But, as you all know... if I don't see it... it doesn't really count. She got sick after that and hasn't done it for us at home yet. But, she is so very close to doing it and so much more. She wants to stand really bad, too!

Some of the words Allie can sign include "more", "all done", "Daddy", "Dog", and "fish". She also waves hello and goodbye easily, now. Although, sometimes she seems to combine fish and wave and clapping and more. And as you know, she can do the arms up to help get her clothes off or just to get us to cheer. She has us so trained. Clearly she is multi-talented!

Have a great week

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