Sunday, April 19, 2009

La La La

That is what I heard through the monitor this morning when Allie woke me up. She actually let me sleep until almost 8am and then woke up singing. Clearly, she is feeling better. We had a day of trying to get back to normal with her not attached to our hips as much as she has been while she has been sick. Although, we really don't mind it, we know she has to roll around and play by herself and while she has been sick, she hasn't wanted to be apart from us much. Life is short, so we go with the flow. I also completely loved just hanging out with her and having girl time. She is so cuddly. We enjoyed Marley and Me on Thursday and she would sign Dog a lot when Marley was on screen or when Nicky would run in barking because he heard Marley barking. It was a bit of a circus at times, but very memorable.

Oh.. and I must tell you, on Thursday after waking up from a nap, I took her to her mirror in her room where she could see both of us and she looked in and said "Mama!" complete with a wave. Throughout the weekend she practiced her "mmmmm" sounds and I must admit she is getting good at it. She also said Bye Bye after we left some friends after dinner the other night, too. She waves all the time and is so darn cute with it, too. But, anyway... best news is all is that she seems to be all better from her tummy bug and she can rejoin her buddies at school tomorrow and Mama can go to work, too!

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