Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tummy Bug Blues

Poor little Alie just didn't feel well today. She woke up early in the morning clearly letting us know her tummy was upset. Breakfast and her second breakfast didn't stay down much either. So, Allie and I had a hang out in the recliner day. Don't tell anyone, but Mommy might have needed it just as much. I'm glad I didn't have to lose my lunch to prove it. I guess it takes a sick baby to make you slow down and relax. So, relax we did. She still seems to feel puny now - way after bedtime, but we just need to wait and see if she will be able to go to school tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Allie:

Your blog is always so 'up to date' and fun and exciting! (How does Mom do all these things? Those links are tremendous!)

It is good to hear that you are again feeling well. It's hard to believe all the things you have learned and can do.

We LOVE you lots!