Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby Palooza

Allie and I had a fun day at the Babypalooza here in Birmingham. If you aren't familiar, it is a day for "new, expectant and hopeful parents" to come and get information on a variety of child related issues and events. There is also a LOT of prizes given away. I've been going to it for probably for 5 years. I think that is how long it has been happening, too. In fact, a good friend and coworker of mine is part of the crew that pulls this amazing day off. My friend, LaTanya is the sister of Cece who is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Alabama Baby & Child magazine. I was able to grab a picture of Allie and Holland - LaTanya's sweet 11 year old daughter. Every year I'm amazed at just how much they manage to put into one of these events. It is amazing how many things they give away, too! (Oh, and yes, this is the same magazine that featured the article about Allie's story!)

When Allie and I got there today, we walked in and immediately saw our friend Lisa Bryant. Lisa and I used to work together and have been reunited by our Down syndrome connection. Her second son, Noah, is only a few months older than Allie and also has the same extra super chromosome. Although, put the two together and you'd think he was years older. He tops the typical child growth chart, while Allie is still way below on the DS charts. Allie got to spend a little bit of time with Lisa while I buzzed around and tried to see a few of the vendors.

Before long, we met up with another DS and NICU buddy, Daniel and his Mommy, Shelley. Daniel was born 5 days before Allie at the same hospital. Our many weeks in the NICU got the Mommies talking and it is nice to know these two NICU buddies will probably be in touch for a long time! Daniel is doing wonderful these days. He is sitting up on his own and playing with his toys and he also has the same ability as Allie - complete strangers love to come up and say hello to him. He has a very charming little smile.

As we were leaving, Allie met up with Cowboy Bob (while Daniel snoozed) and we snapped a few pictures. She might not like fake animals, and the Barber Dairy Cow made her a little concerned when we got close (darn! I forgot to pick up the picture they took of us!), but she had absolutely no negative issues with Cowboy Bob at all. He received several smiles, waves and a multitude of kisses being blown in his direction.

It was a fun day despite my not winning the way cool car seat I had my eyes on. I hope whoever won MY car seat enjoys it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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CC said...

Sandy what a lovely Babypalooza recap. I hate I only got to see you for a second but I hope Tanya got more time. And I'm in love with Cowboy Bob so that was probably me blowing kisses his way.