Friday, August 28, 2009

Playful Allie

Allie seems to really enjoy signing and reading her flashcards. We haven't been doing her flashcards as often as we used to, so I was surprised the other day when I pulled them out and not only did she know the five words she could read before, but she added a few more. I probably had only shown her the new words literally once or twice as they were from a different level. But, we had watched the video at least once a week on the way to or from school for several weeks. Clearly, my smart little cookie was paying attention. Allie can now read (yes, read... not look at pictures, but look at the word) and do the corresponding sign (or her version of it) for the following words: wave, hi, arms up, dog, clap, nose, mouth, ear.

Allie playing at school. Do you like her new
bow from our friend Stephanie?
She makes the cutest bows ever!

I need to capture her on video doing more of these and more of her signs, but she is nearly a 2 year old and well, we all know what that means.... she does her "tricks" when she is good and ready... usually when the camera is not on. (Yes, I heard you funny folks questioning if I ever turn the camera off..... it is rare, though). I'm now thinking she can read more words, but I haven't taught her the signs to go with them, so she can't tell me. She is also coming home from school with many new signs! I'm going to have to take a class to keep up with her. This week she was learning the days of the week.

Allie shares a toy with Jack
She can now show you the sign for Sunday!
Kudos to her Sunshine Classroom teachers!!

Have an awesome weekend!
The Lovell's

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