Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Day at The Mall

Over the weekend, we found ourselves enjoying a day at the mall. Of course I had my camera and grabbed a few shots. Allie enjoyed watching the people, hearing the sounds and seeing all the activity. She enjoyed her first McDonald's Happy Meal complete with an American Girl Book. Mommy enjoyed the chicken nuggets and Allie had a few fries and was back to her favorite - crackers! Then, it was time to try out the carousel and see if she was ready for it. She seemed excited to get onto the carousel. But, don't be fooled by the excited look as she signed Daddy (maybe that was a warning sign). As soon as we got on and tried to get onto what I thought was a harmless fake animal, she freaked out (for lack of more descriptive term). [Note: I knew she wasn't fond of fake, huge animals, but she seemed so excited and ready to try this again]. I was with her and Daddy had the camera. He is more compassionate than I. Instead of taking a picture of her all upset (like you all know I would have done), he came and consoled his sweetie pie and we removed her from that horrible zoo of animals. We will try again another time. We also took her to the Disney store where we seemed to force Disney on her. I know, someday we will regret this move. We also took pictures and acted like tourists. It was fun and a bit of Disney without all the cost! Before we left, Allie found the huge mirrors with the cute baby fascinating. She made a friend and entertained everyone around us for a while. It was fun and so much less expensive than those amusement parks - that basically don't hold a candle to a day at the mall for Ms. Allie and her parents. Oh, and a day at the mall can be just as exhausting, too!

Allie and her "twin"


Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

Allie, Elliott is with you about that carousel...he definitely thinks it's creepy too! Sandy, right next to Disney is the Build-a-bear store. We don't even have to buy anything there. Elliott is fascinated by just watching the big cotton stuffing machine and all the animals.

Bowlby said...

So cute! I love the pictures of Allie and her twin. I'm sure she was thinking, "Who is this little girl who is just as cute as I am?"

Sandy said...

So, that is what Elliot and Allie have been talking about in class. Now it makes sense. I'm sure he warned her about the creepy animals and I'm sure this week she told him of the horror!

We almost went into Build a Bear, but Tim was sure we'd end up spending a small fortune on Allie's first Build a Bear. I am thinking we are still a few years away from that. Next time, we will stop in and check out the entertainment.