Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's Me, Allie

Hi there!

Mommy has been trying to talk about our trip so that we don't forget anything. But, in the meantime everyone is asking questions about me. Like how tall am I? How much do I weigh? Can I walk? Can I talk? What do I like? What don't I like? Do I go to college yet? :-) So, I had to jump in and help my Mommy.

Here are the facts about me.

I now weigh 16 pounds and am 25 inches tall.

I have said a few words, but I mostly babble. I'm getting more verse in my babble and make lots of new sounds. I can tell you what a cow says and what a sheep say. Sometimes my Mom has to interpret it for people.

I can crawl around in my own way.
I get up on my knees a bit and I have pulled up to get a book off of the couch.

If you hold me up and let go, I can stand for a second or two.

Daddy says I'm so close to doing so many things.

Mommy's worried about "baby proofing" whatever that means.

I love my toys. My therapists say I'm "toy motivated". Not sure what that means, but if I see something across the room, I can be there in seconds flat.

I hate my bath. It scares me and makes me very upset.

I love my dog and I can tell you in signs that I love you, too.

In fact, I know about 40 words in sign language. Sometimes my versions are different than the ones my videos show, but it all means the same thing. I love my Signing Time videos
I have to wear my hearing aids all the time to learn the sounds of language. I usually have a bonnet on to help keep me from taking them out and chewing on them.

I have 8 teeth now - still no top two center teeth.

I've had my second set of tubes in my ears and looks like I may have to have another set soon. We are trying drops first.

I love music and I love to move and dance and clap.

I still drink my special formula that I've always drank. But, I also eat regular food. I'm kindof picky, but not too bad yet. I'm still learning things. I make a funny face when I eat something for the first time. Daddy says Mommy does, too.

LOVE LOVE LOVE goldfish crackers and Ritz Bitz. So much that sometimes that is all I ask for. Mommy says it drives her 'batty". Yum!

I am pretty happy, but I can be upset, too. Sometimes I'm sad when Mommy puts me down at school, but I get busy pretty quickly.

I'm also very serious at times. There is so much to figure out.

I started in a new class at school this month. I love my old teachers and my new teachers and my therapists. Mommy, Daddy and I all LOVE my school

I have lots of friends, they bring me toys and are nice to me.

I love my tractor, my school bus, my poppees, wind chimes, music, videos, Winnie the Pooh and Piglent, my toy cat and bear. When I wake up, sometimes I just play with them in my crib.

I don't like to sit on things. The cow at the ice cream restaurant, the turtle at Rain Forest Cafe and NONE of the scary animals on the carousel at the mall!

I like to be silly and I dance and move a lot. I'm wiggly. Especially when I'm sleepy. Then, I do it a lot and use my loud voice. It makes Mommy giggle a lot.

I like to watch people and then wave at them. Sometimes it takes me a little longer than they expect and when I wave, they aren't watching me anymore. I'm touchy/feely, too. I like to reach my hand out to touch everyone. Isn't that wonderful?

I love mirrors. I love to practice my signs and wave and play when looking in the mirror. Daddy loves this!

I love to pretend. I can feed my baby doll, put the little people in the car and the bus, too. It is lots of fun.

That's about it. Me in a blog page. Did I forget something you wanted to know? If so, please leave me a comment and I'll answer tomorrow.

Here is a video of me playing with my tractor.
If you listen close, you will hear me say MOO.

Here is a video of me talking to Big Winnie
the Pooh. What am I saying?

Here is a video of my crawling or getting
around. I also chat a bit with you.

hugs and kisses,
Allie B. Lovell

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Anonymous said...

Dear Allie:

It is nice to see all the updating on you on your blog, with wonderful pictures and videos. The things mentioned are the things Granma and I have been telling everyone about you (sometimes we have to hold people down!) since we saw all of those things on your wonderful visit here.

It's hard to believe you get more beautiful every time we see more pictures!

We love our Allie!