Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Beach

Allie was finally introduced to the beach. I know... we are slackers. Here in Birmingham, people are going to the beach every weekend and it takes a 15 hour road trip to a lake in Wisconsin for us to get Allie to the beach. But, in our defense... we do a lot of other fun things and it wasn't really an option after the heart surgery last year. Anyway, after all the family reunions, Allie, Aunt Moe-Moe and I packed up the car and drove across the border to our favorite lake - Lake Geneva. It is such a wonderful little town and holds wonderful memories for me. So, taking Allie there was a perfect idea. We didn't get to spend a lot of time on the beach, as she started to get red soon after getting there (despite several coats of 70 sunblock!!). But, that was okay. She did get to touch the water - but, wasn't a huge fan. Didn't complain, but almost looked like she was saying "okay... been there, done that... let's do something else". So, we sat down and introduced her to sand. She loved it. Dig here, dig there... Let it fall out of your hands, get it again. Let Aunt Moe-Moe bury your legs, wiggle them free. It was so much fun for her and I really enjoyed her enjoying it. I also got some adorable pictures (at least I think they are adorable). I was waiting for the idea to creep into her head to eat the sand. Her friend, Edie's Mom had recently posted an entry on her blog said she ate a bunch of it. I knew for sure Allie would do the same. But, luckily, Allie didn't seem interested in even trying it. (Fast forward a few weeks and she did decide to taste the purple sand at the science museum...ugh).

We did get her out of the direct sunlight and got her a little t-shirt as a souvenir and something to block the sun and we walked up and down the cute little streets filled with shops and then we went to the pier for some ice cream. Allie loved it! (Yes! She is my daughter after all!). It was fun to see her having such a great time and doing this with my sister, was icing on the cake. It was a beautiful day and not too hot, either. Which, coming from Alabama - was a welcome relief.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Allie:

Great pictures of you, and Auntie Mo-Mo at the Lake Geneva, WI beach. Mom sure sees you get to a lot of great places!

We hope you had fun with Mom and her lady friends at this last weekend Scrapbooking Retreat.

Even thought you were just here in July we have Allie - and Mom of course - withdrawal.

Love, Grandpa