Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

After much anticipation, we've picked a winner for wearing to today's Halloween Parade at school... and the costume is.....


Runners up for this competition include:

I'm a bug!

Nicky's a bug and I have his scarf!

T - I - double grr - R!

Mommy's lil' Punkin'

Pretty little Mermaid

Hey, Froggie!

I must add that some costumes may look familiar. The Froggie was donated by our dear friend Kristin Mize right after Allie was born. It is still a little big this year... but, maybe next year it will be a perfect fit. The Tigger and Pumpkin outfits were actually from last year. They actually are a little snug for Allie this year (as is the lamb outfit), but since we did them last year, they were runners up. The mermaid outfit was worn by Allie's classmate, Isabella, last year. It fits Allie, but is a little restricting for our move-about girl. The lady bug outfit is actually supposed to be a dog costume (as modeled by our favorite canine, Nicky). It is also a little big for Allie, but I'm for seeing some black tights and a black body suit and we may see this costume on little Allie next year!

Have a great Halloween...
More pictures to follow as the next two days progress!


Katie B. said...

Happy Halloween, Allie. You're such a cute sheep!

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie:

You great in all your costumes! Next year ask Mommy and Daddy to take you house to house in each costume. If they don't recognize your parents you could really
'clean up' on the goodies, and have plenty to share with your classmates.

Love, Grandpa