Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Autumn in Alabama

About a week before Halloween, Allie and I seized the moment when a beautiful Sunday afternoon came our way we headed to the park for a little get away. Allie enjoyed the snacks we brought (cookies, crackers, milk and she even held Mommy's Sweet Tea). We brought her newly favorite Dolly and a ball and a few other toys. All were a lot of fun as were the nature items she enjoyed - the leaves, the grass, the dirt. It is all so new to Allie and so much fun to eat. In school she is learning about Fall and can even sign some of the colors we see during this time of year. She knows all about trees and leaves, too. In fact, we have pictures we will upload from school later. Right now, these pictures were of a perfect afternoon with Mommy and her precious Allie. Allie even enjoyed the swing for a little while, too. We had so much fun that we are going back to the same park this Saturday and have invited several of her friends to join us to celebrate Allie's upcoming Second Birthday!!! We are looking forward to another beautiful afternoon at the park.

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Aunt Tammy said...

So adorable...Looks like you had a great time. Make sure and kiss her for her Aunties in Illinois! Love you all.