Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh Yes, I'm Hungry!

Since the surgery just 10 days ago, Allie's appetite has increased tremendously and we are excited about it! Tonight, Allie drank 7 ounces of milk with dinner (remember how 7 ounces used to be a whole day's worth of milk not that long ago??). She ate pears, spaghetti and bread, too. Clearly, she is on the road to gaining weight - I feel it! In fact, when I picked her up today, she looked at me and signed 'chicken'. I said "you want chicken?" She repeated it. Then, I asked, "are you hungry?" She signed 'Eat'. This is a girl that knows what she wants. But, no... we don't have chicken every night - yet.

And despite the appearances, she actually ate a lot more than she is wearing in this picture.

happy eating everyone!


LuLu's world said...

Oh my gosh~too funny- she makes me laugh-her smile is contagious!

Irish McMike said...

My oh my what a messy eater! Keep it up! Love ya, Uncle Mike

Anonymous said...

It is a good feeling when they eat good. Kristi likes junk food (acourse her mommy does too) but she would eat chicken 3 meals a day so watch out. I go through a bag of chicken nuggets every other week. I'm trying to find other things she will eat but she pushes most things away.

Debbie Sigmon