Tuesday, February 23, 2010

17 to 18 in 16

Need help with the title of this entry? Let's spell it out a bit....

17 pounds to 18 pounds in just 16 DAYS!!!

That is right! Allie has gained a pound
since her surgery just 16 days ago!

Also, I discovered that she is quite different at home in regards to the scale. We stumbled on our "old" baby scale the other day and when I pulled it out, she was so interested in sitting on it like a big girl. The nurses at the doctor's office would be shocked at the site of no tears and no fussiness when getting weighed. Allie had fun playing with the scale and weighed 17 pounds - just as she did the day of surgery. Then, after us noticing that Allie is getting heavier and eating better, we pulled it back out and yes! She is now 18 pounds. It really took less than 16 days. We are so impressed and so excited for Allie!

(Note: The picture in purple is from February 12th just days after the surgery. The picture was taken on carpet, so the scale was off a bit, but it was at 17 pounds on hard floors. The picture above in her jammies was from tonight after we double checked our weight! )

Time to go eat our veggies and drink our milk so we can grow big and strong like Allie!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Allie is a champion in so many ways!! I'm not surprised, as she's so remarkable, but what a girl!!!!!!!!! Love you, Allie! -Leah

Anonymous said...

Dear 'Pig Out' ...
I am glad that you are eating so well Allie and gaining weight. You look so cute sitting on your scale. I'm glad you now like being weighed. Love, Grandpa