Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Under The Weather

Well, with a winter like we've had, who can blame Allie for catching a bug, right? Well, she got one. A nasty tummy bug. When we picked her up from school last Friday evening, she wasn't looking so hot and had gotten sick. By the time we got home, her temp had rose to 102. We had a long night - as many of you parents out there can probably recall one of your own. Couldn't keep nothing down, including her temperature. She got up to about 104 at some point. By morning, I foolishly thought we might be past it. I had slept in her room to watch her and give her fluids every chance I could get. Around 8AM (after an answered prayer I made at 5 that she would sleep a solid 3 hours), she greeted me with all smiles and giggles. It lasted about an hour - yep... even she fooled me into giving her milk. Which, by the way, did not remain with her. The fever returned and she was not in good shape.

We headed to the pediatrician, who graciously ran every test he could think of and we discovered she had a tummy bug (luckily no flu or anything worse!). So, we went home and spent the next several days watching her sleep and wondering how she could sleep so much. She did improve, but then got worse, then got slightly better, but added a nasty cough and a stuffy, yucky nose. She has been out of school all week to give her a chance to get better. She will be out tomorrow, too, to give all those other kids a chance to either get it and go home or get better, too. :-) She is doing much better, but we had a very pitiful baby on our hands. And we would like to avoid this again, it was no fun for anyone, but mostly no fun for her. So very sad to watch her hurt like she did.

While being sick, Allie did get to watch a lot of her DVDs, we set her up in the living room during the day on a spare crib mattress to allow her to be somewhere other than her room and for us to watch her. It was neat to see her like a big grown up girl, all propped up in front of the TV. She is really growing too fast for me, but it is so much fun to watch.

Tonight we had lots of fun, she giggled and played and was back to her old self again, she seems to really be on the road to recovery. She misses school, but has had lots of fun with Daddy who has been home with her. It is adorable how Allie loves to go to him. She waves, blows kisses and then leans and reaches for him (yes, she does this to me, too, but I love to watch her with him). Nothing like a Daddy and daughter. I need to grab a sweet picture of the two of them. It has been awhile with her feeling so puny. (This picture of her is from tonight, see.... she has her appetite back and enjoying some milk).

Have a great March everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my Dear Allie:
I am so sorry you've been sick for so many days, but glad you are 'up & at 'em' again! Keep well!
I LOVE you! ... Grandpa