Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yes! I heard it LOUD and CLEAR. Here is the scenario - Allie and I in her room, chatting away about diapers and pajamas when she looks at me and clearly says MAMA! So, of course, me as the diligent and ecstatic Mama, tries to get her to repeat it. What does she do, gives me a sly grin and signs Mama. She signs it over and over and over for me. I think she has a sense of humor - or so she thinks. (haha)
As you might guess, I was fine with it only coming out once. I believe she knew what she said and what it meant and she will say it again when she is good and ready. Until then, when I ask her to say Mama for me (pretty please with sugar on top), I get that silly grin and the Mama sign -rather enthusiastically. In fact, it is becoming similar to the Grandma sign - hmmmmm...

Then, tonight after dinner as I'm cleaning up her face (you've seen the pictures of her enjoying food, right?), I say ... "say, Mama, Allie". She signs Mama, then seems to change her mind and signs and SAYS "Dada!". And, you know it... she had that silly little sly grin. She may be too dang smart for my own good.

We did get a good laugh out of it and she was punished with lots of tickles and giggles. I know... torture, huh?

Signed, the now official... Mama
(These pictures do give you an idea of how active she is don't they? Not to mention, you can kindof see that gleam in her eye that says "she is up to something!"
Peace to all!

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Grandpa Hugh & Granma Connie said...

Dear Allie: We are SO proud of your learning to say Mama & Dada.

Now I have an assignment for you, and that is to learn to say
G-r-a-n-d-p-a ... so you can say it to me when we come to visit you!