Saturday, March 6, 2010

Please click the above link once a day between now and March 15th to help us raise awareness for Down Syndrome and our Amazing Allie. This is a contest that Toyota is putting on. Whoever wins - and those in the top 10 - will get lots of recognition. The winner will have an actual car at the 2010 Nascar Sprint All-Star Race. And, we will get to go and be there as well.

What a great opportunity to tell Millions of people about Down Syndrome!

But, we need your votes. Due to some difficulty in getting the car "approved" during inspection, we lost several days of voting time. All cars have 15 days of voting time. But, since our car just got approved, there are only 10 days of voting time left. So, if you don't mind, please vote today and everyday and ask all your friends, family and coworkers to vote as well. The great part about it is there is no login or set up or anything. Click the above link, then once you can see the car (it is yellow and blue with DS on it and Allie's pictures, too) click VOTE. You can also click the 3D button if you want to get a good view of all sides of the car.

Thank you for your votes. We need them!


The Design Team


Sandy Lovell said...

Wow! We actually have a decent shot at this! Have you voted today? If not, please vote. There is still time left!

Sandy Lovell said...

Okay, reality check time. The Toyota site finally put a way to search the cars by votes, and well... let's just say we aren't in the lead right now. Don't get me wrong, you all know me too much to think I'd just give up. But, here are some stats - we are the 88th car right now (out of 9,952!); and there are only 8 cars... ahead of us that are still taking votes like we are. And, to get into the top 10, we'd only need about 9,000 votes. You all can really make this happen, right? Or... maybe we need a program to change the IP Address so people can vote multiple times. Anyway... I won't give up, but if you all are in... we really need you to get your friends, coworkers, FB groups, etc. to vote. It has been a fun ride and I know for sure who to ask whenever I put Allie in ANY competition! If you are still in... cast your vote for a few more days

And... thanks for making this fun, I realized about a week ago that with every vote we raised awareness and acceptance for those with Down Syndrome, and that is what this was all about from the get-go, so I'd say it was a huge success. Thanks, Friends!

xoxoxoxo from Amazing Allie (the girl, not the car)