Friday, April 30, 2010

A Busy Month of April

Hi there! Wow! April has been a busy month! What have I been doing? Let me think about it. Well... at school, we've been very busy. We've learned about weather and bugs and neat things called Transportation - trains, planes and cars, too. In fact, I saw a train recently and held up my arm to say choo choo! I also saw airplanes when Daddy went to the airport. In fact, I saw the Military Jets leave the airport to go to the races to fly over them! I clapped! They were so neat!!

At school, Mommy and I took a fun picture, I had music time, which I love and while Mommy was watching, I figured out if I drop my musical instrument one of my many friends will jump up and get it for me. I did it several times (on purpose...shhhh).
We had pajama day and I was so excited about it! Mommy said we all looked so cute in our PJs. It was fun to wear PJs all day long!

I've also gotten really good at riding my bikes. Mommy surprised me at school and this was how I looked when I saw her - surprised! I got to see my Great Grandmother and she gave me a dolly called "Baby Allie". I have a diaper bag, food, clothes and even a diaper for her. I can take care of her really good and pat her back to put her to sleep. Sometimes, she likes it when I throw her on her head. Mommy says she cries, but I don't think so.

I was sick a lot this month. Maybe I have something called Allergies? Daddy said the Pollen was very bad again this year and it caused me to sneeze and weeze and my eyes were yucky and my nose was yucky and I felt horrible. Even caused my ear to bleed and get infected. Mommy hides my medicine in my food. I act like I don't know she is doing it, but I know. It's okay, I'm feeling better now anyway.

Mommy and I went on a mini-vacation to scrapbook. Although, I don't think she scrapbooked while I was there. She had to take care of me because my nose was yucky and I didn't want to rest. I did get to play with a little girl my same age - Rachel. She was fun and liked my toys that I brought. Then, Ms. Melissa took me home - I got to watch DVDs all the way home and eat cookies and crackers. She even wiped my nose for me. Then, I hung out with Daddy, met my Uncle Barry, saw Great Grandmother again and missed Mommy terribly (she is typing, so I can't help but let her put this in).

Then, when Daddy was out of town, Mommy and I had girl time. We didn't have a lot of time because she said Work and School got in the way, but it was okay. We had fun at night and giggled a lot. Nicky played with us, too.

I'm pulling up to everything these days. I love to try to climb on the bed, the couch, the chairs, Nicky, Mommy, Daddy, you name it. I love using my walker and am really good at it. Mommy and Daddy can hold my hands and help me walk to all the places I want to go. It is so much fun! I'll be doing it by myself in no time!

Oh... we also went to the zoo twice - once on Mommy's birthday. She said she will talk about that at another time. Daddy also started a new job and we got to meet a lot of people he works with when we went to the zoo. They all said I was cute and precious. I think Mommy loves to hear that.

It was a fun month, but boy are we tired! We hope your month was great.
We love you!

I can ride a bike!

Can you see me tickling myself?

I almost walked right out of my pants!


Anonymous said...

Dear Allie: You haven’t given your busy Mommy a chance to update your blog for a few weeks - but she's been telling us about you - so we are glad to see this new entry. We love to read all the things Mommy tells us about you, and see your videos. You sure are a great bike rider and walker! I can't wait to see you, hold you, and play with you!
Love, Grandpa

Peeperspage said...

Wow ya'll have been busy. She is so stinkin cute :)